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Why Are Our Laundries Just So Good?

We have decades of experience.
When you have a team with who-knows-how-many years of combined experience under their belt, the our laundry renovations sell themselves. We know what goes into the perfect laundry renovation and we know exactly how to deliver this quickly, professionally and affordably.
Laundry renovation Sydney
We’re Sydney’s laundry go-to specialists.
When you need fencing done, you don’t hire a handyman—you hire a specialist. Same goes for laundries. Often the underloved little brother of our bathroom renovations, are our silent achievers—our laundries. With the most efficient plumbing solutions, flawless waterproofing and access to the best materials at the most competitive prices, we install laundries that inspire you to get your washing up done.
We make it oh, so easy.
Laundries may not be the most exciting room in the house, but they don’t have to be that way. Our laundries are stylish, functional, and oh-so-easy to love—and if you’re ‘lucky’ enough to have teenagers—convincing them to do their own washing might not be such a chore when you have one of our laundries.
We offer fixed-price quotes.
Our strict ‘what you sign is what you pay’ policy guarantees exactly that—no hidden costs and no unexpected bills. We cover any and all obstacles or unplanned costs that may arise during your laundry renovation—our experience in the industry usually keeps these to an absolute minimum—but such is life. When you do move ahead with your awesome laundry renovation, you can sleep easy knowing that no costs will rise their ugly head to ruin your renovation experience.

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Our efficient laundries save you money.
Besides giving you access to the highest grade materials at the most competitive industry prices, our laundry builds will help you grow your bank account moving forward. Bathrooms and in particular, laundry builds should be considered as an investment. Not only do they add value to your home if you ever consider selling, but they play an important role in how much energy and water your home uses—and in today’s day and age—that can mean the difference between a hefty bill, and one that doesn’t break the bank.

As all of our laundries go above and beyond any waterproofing and energy standards required by Australian law and are built by the best tradespeople in NSW, you can rest assured that your laundry is going to run like a well-oiled machine—leaving the smallest energy footprint you could hope for.

We're dedicated to our community
We’re Sydney through and through. Most of our team have grown up and lived in Sydney and the surrounding suburbs most of our lives. It’s safe to say we’ve fitted hundreds of laundries in most corners of Sydney. We are proudly operating in:
If you don’t fall within these exact areas but are still really interested in getting a laundry renovation, don’t hesitate, give us a buzz! We’re always open to expanding our areas of service for members of the NSW community!