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Why Choose Us For Your Bathroom Renovation?

We have countless years of combined experience.

Just Belal has 10 years of renovating bathrooms under his belt—our team combined—that’s a whole different ball game. We don’t need to tell you how many decades of combined trades experience we have between us, it can be seen in the quality of our work.

We may have been around the block, but that doesn’t mean we don’t keep up with the newest trends and needs of the day. Blending old-school work ethic with modern-day business practices, you’re guaranteed a renovation service not many other teams could come close to matching in Sydney.  

We specialise in flawless bathroom renovations.

Bathrooms are our bread and butter, and our favourite projects to work on. The scale from start to finish, the uniqueness of each project and the feelings of joy and happiness we give our customers when they see their finished bathrooms are why we do what we do. It’s so satisfying renovating a bathroom into something beautiful—and it’s this love for what we do that makes our Sydney bathroom renovations the best in the business. 

We have access to the best materials at the lowest prices.

People often underestimate the power of compound interest. We’ve been doing this for a while now, and it’s the continuous effort we’ve put into our relationships with suppliers and wholesalers that’s paid dividends.

Not only do we get dibs on the highest-grade materials, but we get them for VIP prices. Some companies may then see this as an opportunity to skim profits off customers by marking up materials—not us. We believe this is why so many come to us for their Sydney bathroom renovations because we make our money through our quality tradesmanship, not through markups.  

Completed bathroom reno in Sydney

What Our Customers Are Saying

We care about your bank account.

It’s not just the discounts we pass on from wholesalers to you that allow us to offer competitive quotes, but the precautions we take in the way we carry out our business. By being organised, experienced, and meticulous, we save a lot of money on materials wastage and general inefficiencies—it pays to work smoothly. Once you’ve agreed and signed your competitively priced quote, you’ll not pay a dollar more than the figure on that quote. Any unforeseen expenses and hiccups will be covered by us, and that’s a guarantee.

We're locals and we always will be.

We’re Sydney through and through. Most of our team have grown up and lived in Sydney and the surrounding suburbs most of our lives. It’s safe to say we’ve fitted hundreds of bathrooms in most corners of Sydney. We are proudly operating in:

If you don’t fall within these exact areas but are still really interested in getting a bathroom renovation, don’t hesitate, give us a buzz! We’re always open to expanding our areas of service for members of the NSW community!