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This is what I’ve been looking for. Can you tell me how much my bathroom renovation in Sydney will cost?

Before we throw any numbers around, please remember to consider that as each project is different, prices can vary massively! If we are getting just ballpark averages, we could reasonably estimate that a full renovation to your Sydney bathroom will cost between $19,000-27,000 (Inc. GST). This figure is averaged from our quotes from the past 24 months of Sydney bathroom renovations.

There are dozens of solutions however to ensure everyone gets a bathroom within their budget. As fittings, taps and tiles can have the greatest influence on prices, especially given supply chain issues faced globally in 2022, being flexible in this area can mean you have massive savings!

Remember—we provide FREE, ON-SITE inspections and personalised quotes, so you can get an exact figure for your Sydney bathroom or laundry renovation whenever you’re ready—just give us a call!

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What does the process of a bathroom renovation look like?

Depending on the nature of your bathroom’s renovation, there are potentially a lot of things that need to be considered. Thank god we’re the expects and you don’t have to think about those! We’ve simplified the key phases each bathroom renovation will pass through below:

-STAGE 1: Planning & Design

Depending on the type of person you are, this stage can be one of the most exciting or the most obnoxious—don’t stress though—you’ll have our team of experts with you every step of the way no matter what.

This stage may take some time, but it’s pivotal to get right. It’s in this step that you’ll be able to have your free, onsite consultation with an expert from our team and get your awesome ideas into actual design concepts. It’s now that you’ll opt for a complete redesign or just a renovation of your current bathroom’s layout.

-STAGE 2: Strip out & Prepare Space

Now that you know exactly what you’re after, you’re happy with your competitive quote, and you can’t wait to get going, our boys get to work. Before anything beautiful can happen however, we’ve got to take 2 steps back.

It’s at this stage that we strip your old fittings and say bye-bye to outdated designs. We plot in rough plumbing points and electrical fittings and lay any cement tiling slabs that need doing. This will be the foundation of your incredible Sydney bathroom to come.

-STAGE 3: Waterproofing & Sheeting

Without getting too technical and boring you with the details, in this stage we apply a polyurethane membrane to the floor area and 100 mm on the walls—guaranteeing that your bathroom goes way above the Australian Standards 3740-2004 expected in bathrooms. This stage is quite self-explanatory and cannot be taken seriously enough—a non-waterproof bathroom is not fun.

-STAGE 4: Complete Tiling

Our customers (and tilers!) find this stage so satisfying. Now you’ll see the beautiful materials you chose in the design and planning stage be installed. Our skilled tradies will layout, prepare and cut all the tiles to perfection, ensuring there’s minimal wastage so you get the most bang for your buck.

-STAGE 5: Painting, Plumbing & Electrics

Now it’s time for the tilers to step aside and let our other trades teams come in and work their magic. Plumbers, Sparkies, and Painters over the next few days will bring your bathroom to life with fresh paint and classy fittings.

-STAGE 6: Finishing touches & Cleaning

This is the step we’ve all been waiting for. You can see your finished Sydney bathroom in all its glory. As a proud tradesteam, we ensure absolutely zero rubbish will be left on site and your finished renovation is left spotless. It’s also in this stage that any towel racks, mirrors, hooks or extra fittings will be added.

Completed bathroom reno in Sydney
Completed bathroom reno in Sydney
Completed bathroom reno in Sydney
New Vanity And Bathroom Reno In Sydney
Bathroom Renovations In Sydney by Best Sydney Bathrooms
Sydney Bathroom Reno
I’m looking for a simple renovation for my bathroom in Sydney. How long will that take?

Looking back at past jobs, we can generally say that our bathroom renovations in Sydney from start to finish take between 2 - 3 weeks to complete. Please keep in mind that due to today’s supply chain demands, this timeline can be subject to change, but our experience often keeps this to a minimum.

During your free quote and onsite visit, we will be able to give you a much more personalised estimate for project duration. Some things that may make your Sydney bathroom’s renovation extend past the 3 week mark is if you order rare or specific materials that we need to have shipped in from our partners.

You have competitive rates—does this mean the quality of the bathroom renovation will be lacking?

We don’t pay big bucks on marketing, and we definitely don’t scalp our customers to make the most money, as that’s no way to operate. The reason we can charge such competitive rates is because we’ve taken the time to build extensive and healthy relationships with suppliers and tradies as well as a loyal customer base.

This means we can source the highest-quality materials from our suppliers at better prices, and let our work do the talking. Most of our business comes from testimonials—we’ve learned that happy customers are the best marketers.



-What You Sign is What You Pay

Before a job begins, we’ll agree on a quote. No matter what, you’ll never pay a dollar more than what is agreed on. That means no nasty surprises, no upselling and no awkward renovations.

-Materials Used are Always of Highest-Quality

By leveraging old relationships with reputable suppliers, we can lock in premium grade materials at bargain prices—which are in turn passed on to you. What you pay for is our expert tradesmanship.

-All Tradies are Fully Insured and Qualified

Every member of our extensive team have been vetted and are fully qualified.

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Do you service my area?

We’re Sydney locals through and through. Most of our team have grown up and lived in Sydney and the surrounding suburbs most of our lives. It’s safe to say we’ve fitted hundreds of bathrooms, showers and laundries in most corners of Sydney. We are proudly operating in:

If you don’t fall within these exact areas but are still really interested in getting a bathroom, shower or laundry renovation, don’t hesitate, give us a buzz! We’re always open to expanding our areas of service for members of the NSW community!