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If you’re based in Sydney’s North Shore, then you’ve come to the right place. Our flawless bathroom, laundry and showers are right at home among some of the most beautiful properties in the country. Acre-sized blocks adorned with swimming pools, tennis courts and perfected landscaping need a bathroom renovation that fits its surroundings—and ours certainly do.

No matter where you find yourself in the North Shore, from small, stylish townhouses to luxury apartments and lifestyle blocks, we’re your guys. With decades of experience between us and a loyal base of happy customers, we’ve got a portfolio of completed projects to back up our claims as the best bathroom renovators in Sydney’s North Shore.

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Hi, My name is Belal Hihi. I’m a Sydney builder with over eight years of hands-on bathroom renovation experience. Every quote and advice I provide is free of charge, and in most cases, I can give you precious advice due to my vast experience with bathrooms, en-suites and laundries.

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How much will my bathroom renovation cost?

Based on the moving averages of our recent renovations throughout Sydney’s North Shore and beyond, our complete bathroom renovations tend to cost around $21,000 – $27,000.

The price of the job will never be impacted by where you live.

Some factors that will impact the final quote, however, are listed below:


This is quite simple, but many of our clients don’t pause to consider it. When thinking about your bathroom renovation, put yourselves in our shoes. How difficult is it for us to access your bathroom renovation? Will the renovation take place in a small, upstairs, confined space? Is your North Shore property at the end of a long, skinny driveway? If you live in a building complex, can we have regular access to the lift? Don’t worry if there seems like lots to consider, our experts will explain all these things during your free quote.


Easily the most cost-influential decision you can make when installing your North Shore bathroom renovation are the materials you choose. Will you opt for magnificent tiles that may need to be shipped in from overseas—or will you lean towards other homegrown options that can meet your tastes? Do you need particular fittings or have creative ideas for tapware that you’d like made—or do you have your eye on simple and elegant fittings already in production? Whatever your needs, we’re here to fulfil them. From the day you book your free onsite quote with us, to the day we’re applying the finishing touches to your new North Shore bathroom, we’re dedicated to providing the best renovation experience possible.

–VANITY (custom-built or standard)

If you’re looking to splash some cash or perhaps cut back on spending and bring your North Shore renovation costs down, then vanities are your best bet to do so. Custom-built vanities that are made to your exact specifications and needs will lift your bathroom to the next level, but they do come with a price tag to match. The great news though, is that due to the sheer number of standard vanities out there, you’re likely to be able to find one that feels like it was made just for your bathroom. The choices are extensive—with many of them significantly more affordable.


This is as simple as it sounds—if your renovation is much larger and requires more labour and materials, it’ll likely be more expensive to complete. This will all be transparent during the quoting and planning process of your Sydney North Shore renovation!

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Do you recommend specific styles and renovations for the North Shore?

What works for you might not work for others—we always recommend being yourself and going for what you love. If you’re unsure what it is exactly that you’re after, don’t stress, turning your ideas into reality is our specialty.

We understand that some of our clients (and us!) want to relax in an elegant bath while reading with a glass of wine and some of us want a highly functional shower space to warm and clean up after a good surf—we’re all different—so why should our bathrooms be the same?

With thousands of materials and styles to choose from, we’re sure we’ll find a perfect match for your Sydney North Shore bathroom renovation.

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How long does a renovation take?

Just like everyone's tastes, budgets and quotes, no two jobs are the same so giving you an exact estimate is hard to do before we commence our free quote and an onsite visit. We can say quite confidently, however, that on average our larger renovations take no longer than 2-3 weeks to complete. If your North Shore bathroom renovation job is a smaller one, it may only take 1-2 weeks, tops!