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Ah, the Northern Beaches—home for many of our team. Having grown up and plied our trade in the area for decades, there’s no place we’d rather be. Every time we get a phone call, or a referral from one of our happy customers in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, we’re stoked to have the opportunity to do another beautiful bathroom, laundry or shower renovation for a member of our community.

If you would like your free onsite visit and quote, or just want to chat with your friendly neighbourhood bathroom renovation experts, give us a call! We’d be happy to talk through all of your ideas, and even show you other flawless Northern Beaches bathroom renovations we’ve completed recently for inspiration.

Belal Hiihi from Best Sydney Bathrooms

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Hi, My name is Belal Hihi. I’m a Sydney builder with over eight years of hands-on bathroom renovation experience. Every quote and advice I provide is free of charge, and in most cases, I can give you precious advice due to my vast experience with bathrooms, en-suites and laundries.

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How much will my bathroom renovation cost in Northern Beaches?

Firstly, the price of the job will never be impacted by the suburb or postcode of where you live. We don’t discriminate and never mark up prices depending on clients. Based on the moving averages of our recent renovations throughout Sydney’s Northern Beaches and beyond, a complete bathroom renovation tends to cost around $21,000 – $27,000.

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Although your suburb’s location will never affect your quote, here are some things that might.

–Howdo we get access to the bathroom renovation site?

This is quite simple, but many of our clients don’t pause to consider it. When thinking about your bathroom renovation, put yourselves in our shoes. How difficult is it for us to access your bathroom renovation? Will the renovation take place in a small, upstairs, confined space? Is your Northern Beaches property at the end of a long, skinny driveway? If you live in a building complex, can we have regular access to the lift? Don’t worry if there seems like lots to consider, our experts will explain all these things during your free quote.

–What materials will you choose for your bathroom renovation?

Perhaps the most influential role you can have when affecting the price of your Northern Beaches bathroom renovation, are the materials you choose—particularly in today’s climate with supply chain issues. We cater to all price levels and budgets and have access to an enormous amount of materials for you to choose from. We will be there every step of the way to help you choose your tiles, tapware, vanities and accessories, just say the word!

– Willyou opt for a custom-built or standard vanity?

Besides tiles, vanities are often the most expensive individual parts of a bathroom renovation and they’re often the thing that customers want to customise the most.

Having a custom-built vanity for your space can elevate your bathroom to the next level, but it is undoubtedly more expensive. The good news is that there are so many pre-built vanities to choose from nowadays that you can often get ones that fit like a glove in your space.

–How big’s your bathroom renovation job?

This is quite straightforward—if your bathroom renovation is larger, it will likely cost more. More materials + more labour = bigger bill.

Do you recommend specific styles and renovations for Northern Beaches?

One thing we’ve learned in our years building awesome bathrooms in the Northern Beaches is that everyone’s taste is different. A bathroom loved by one family may not work for the family next door. That’s where we really make our name. We help you find what you love and we make it a reality.

We’re always on top of trends and we see firsthand what works and what doesn’t—and how to pull off different styles and builds. We relish a challenge and we have earned our stripes. 

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How long does a renovation take?

Similar to the quoting, no two jobs are the same and lots of factors will implement the final prediction. We can categorically say however that on average, our renovations take anywhere between 2-3 weeks to complete. Of course, smaller renovations and repair jobs are completed in much smaller time frames.

During our planning, design and quote phase, our experts will be able to provide you with a specific timeframe for your Northern Beaches design job.